We offer a unique experience in purchasing mobile phones wholesale you’ll find a wide range of cutting-edge cellphone models, grade A++, A+, B+, A, B, and C, all at competitive prices and with constantly updated stock.

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    we offer a diverse and up-to-date catalog, we also provide personalized options to cater to your specific needs. Need a specific quantity of cellphones? Looking for guidance on selecting the most popular products in your market? We’re here to assist you and offer personalized support.

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    Are you looking to save money and time on your wholesale cell phone purchases? Look no further! Our new website offers you a seamless and efficient buying experience, ensuring that you get the best deals while minimizing hassle.

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    In International Sales, you could use your preferred virtual locker in Miami and buy everything you want and receive it at the door of your house through an international shipment, (eg Trans-Express, Paqueteriausa)

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    Fast and reliable global shipping options

    We ensure responsibility up to the port of Miami. From this point forward, it’s the customer’s prerogative to manage and bear the costs for freight and insurance to their final destination, tailored to their needs.


    You can use: USPS First Class Package International Service, DHL Express Express Worldwide Non-Doc, USPS Priority Mail International, USPS Express Mail International, DHL Express Express Worldwide

    Or you could use your preferred virtual locker in Miami and buy everything you want and receive it at the door of your house through an international shipment, (eg Trans-Express, Paqueteriausa)


    Smartphones and Tablets Grades

    Grade devices are an excellent choice for those looking to get great value for their money. These products are carefully evaluated and classified based on their aesthetic and functional condition. While they may show signs of use, such as light marks or scratches, all our Grade devices are fully functional and deliver exceptional performance cellular phones distributors.


    Like-new devices from Buyer’s Remorse programs are typically returned by consumers within 14 days of purchase.


    Light Wear and Tear, Partially Functional Devices Devices are functional but did not pass all functional tests and may exhibit some minor cosmetic blemishes.


    Light Wear and Tear, Fully Functional Devices

    Devices have passed all functional tests performed and may exhibit some minor cosmetic blemishes.


    More Aggressive Wear and Tear, Partially Functional
    Devices are functional but did not pass all functional tests. They will exhibit more noticeable cosmetic blemishes.


    More Aggressive Wear and Tear, Fully Functional
    Devices have passed all functional tests performed. They will exhibit more noticeable cosmetic blemishes.


    Heavily Damaged Cosmetics, Only Key Functions Tested Devices may exhibit damage on all surfaces and major screen issues. Only key functions were tested.



    Devices are thoroughly inspected and receive a grade based on cosmetic condition and functionality.

    Grading scales are specific to each device category:

    Data Cleared Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    All Activation locks are disabled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Device Powers on Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Devices establish network connection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Device Charges Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Digitizer function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    LCD Function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Less than 3 missing pixels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    No brushing nor burn-in present Yes Yes Yes
    No chips nor delamination present on main display area Yes Yes Yes
    No nav bar/menu burn-in Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Rear picture/camera/video operational Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Speaker and microphone function Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Exterior buttons function(home, volume, mute, power, etc) Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Backlight function Yes Yes Yes
    Proximity sensor function Yes Yes Yes
    Vibrator function Yes Yes Yes
    Headset Jack function Yes Yes Yes
    Bluetooth function Yes Yes Yes
    GPS Function Yes Yes Yes
    LDI Function Yes Yes Yes
    Front picture/camera/video operational Yes Yes Yes
    Fingerprint/facial recognition function Yes Yes Yes
    Battery Health (70%+) Yes Yes
    14 Day Buyers Remorse Yes


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    Experience a hassle-free and efficient way to buy wholesale with our easy 4-step process. Connect with us on WhatsApp and enjoy seamless communication as you explore our wide range of high-quality smartphones and tablets. From browsing our catalog to placing your order, our streamlined process ensures a smooth experience. Simplify your wholesale shopping today and unlock incredible opportunities. Contact us on WhatsApp and let's start your journey to wholesale success!
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    • During the checkout process, you’ll need to provide billing and shipping information. This includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. Make sure to review all information for accuracy.
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    Complete your payment and rest assured, Our streamlined wholesale process ensures a seamless experience. Once your payment is confirmed, our dedicated team will quickly process your order.

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